Friday, March 30, 2012

Counsellor Waterford

Counselling is about listening and about sitting with someone, without judging, without criticism. It is about offering a calm and relaxing space in which a person feels that they can be themselves. Some people find this difficult in the beginning. It can be confusing to choose a Counsellor or Psychotherapist in Waterford as there are so many offering so many different approaches. Sometimes a person may have to go to see a few different Counsellors to find one that they feel comfortable with. It is important that a person feels safe and respected by a Counsellor. Sometimes a Counsellor may invite a person to examine an issue that they have not spoken about to anyone else if they feel that it might be helpful for a person to explore a sensitive topic in their lives, or just to name an upsetting event or feeling. It is always up to the Client if they wish to discuss any issue and it is important that they feel free to refuse to discuss any area if they do not feel ready to proceed with it. It is the Client's time and it is vital that they feel ownership of it so that when progress and change happens they will be able to give themselves credit for the progress and feel empowered by it. The Counsellor is there to help and facilitate this work and in my role as Counsellor I am responsible for the process of Counselling, and I adapt my style according to the Clients needs and personality. Some people want to talk more than others and do not need as much verbal input from the Counsellor, others might find it more difficult to talk and would like to have more guidance throughout the session until they feel more at ease. Making the first phonecall to make a Counselling appointment takes courage. In Counselling I can help with short term day to day problems or frustrations or with longer term childhood issues or memories or traumas from the past. Counselling is not for everyone, but it helps many people. If you feel that Counselling might be right for you please feel free to ring me to discuss your needs or to make an appointment.

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